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Looking for guitar lessons in Melbourne? Finding the right guitar teacher is an important first step. I've included a bit of information below on how I structure my lessons and also on what I think are the keys attributes of a good teacher.

The Guitar Lessons page has bit more detailed information on the lesson breakdown for you.

About the guitar lessons

I would roughly divide people who approach me about lessons into 3 categories. The complete beginner, someone who can play a little and the experienced player.

The complete beginner...

The first category of person we will talk about is the beginner. They really want to learn to play the guitar but don't know where to start. They may have a guitar or may even need some advice on what guitar to buy. Some have tried to learn from the internet but have found that it hasn't worked for them. My role is to guide them through the correct steps and get them playing properly from the start. Teaching the correct playing habits from the start avoids unnecessary injury and helps their progress. I also help them understand the fundamentals of the music they are playing and most importantly get them playing the songs they want to play.

You can play a bit...

The 2nd category of person has played a little bit of guitar, can strum a few chords and play a couple of tunes but now wants to really learn to play. Maybe they want to play a bit of lead guitar or pick out some solo pieces. They might want to get into a band, jam a bit or just improve for their own personal pleasure. What I do here is help them develop a firm foundation and understanding to achieve their playing goals. Often they have had no previous formal lessons so we just consolidate what they have done and build on it.

The experienced player...

The 3rd category who comes to me for lessons has been playing for a while and has hit the proverbial 'brick wall'. They are often (not always) playing in professional situations and want to do it better but don't know what to do next. They can't move forward because they don't know which way to move. This is where what I call guitar coaching comes in, I act as their personal coach and guide them through the steps needed to play better and be a better performer, writer…whatever it is they want to achieve.

What to look for in a guitar teacher

Finding a good teacher...

  • I think the first thing you need to look for is someone who is in it for the right reasons. That is, they love what they do and are not just in it for the money or until something better comes along.
  • Do you matter or are you part of a “sausage factory mentality”? It’s important that you are treated as a person and not a number, with some larger music schools you can often get lost in the turnover of staff and students.
  • The lessons need to be private, that is one on one. Group guitar lessons just don’t work. You need individual attention when learning an instrument like the guitar.
  • A good teacher will have a plan in place. Even though every student is an individual with their own specific needs the teacher should have a basic framework for the lessons. It’s the method for ensuring and measuring progress in a logical well thought out way.
  • A teacher needs to have the experience and knowledge to understand what it is you are wanting to achieve and be able to guide you along the best path to achieve your goals. This truly comes with time teaching and playing guitar.
  • It’s also good to have a connection with the person that is teaching you. If the personal connection is not there it makes the learning process difficult if not impossible.
  • The last is not an essential as I’m sure there are some good teachers who don’t play gigs… but it is good to see your teacher performing. At least you know they are not just talking the talk but out there and doing it. It can be a source of inspiration.


M: 0418 390 005
A: Neville St Box Hill South VIC 3128

News from Ross

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Johnny O'Brien Testimonial Ross Helmot Guitar Lessons MelbourneI started lessons with Ross as a classic singer/songwriter. I tended to fumble my way through songs without really appreciating dynamics, articulation and style. Ross has a gentle and fantastic method of approach that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Under his direction, I was able to start to find my way around the neck, improve my finger picking and touch up on my chord knowledge.

Ross is proficient in all styles and his ability to patiently explain an exercise is testament to his many years of experience. Heading into the studio and out on the road with my guitar is now a joy thanks to Ross and his gentle words of wisdom. I would highly recommend Ross if you serious about playing and or just after some casual lessons from a great guy and guitar teacher.

Johnny O’BrienSinger/Songwriter, Guitar Player, Recording Artist

Chris Minisini Testimonial Ross Helmot Guitar Lessons MelbourneI came to Ross with no musical background just a desire to play the guitar. I thought I would be giving him his biggest challenge yet but with Ross’ patience and skills I quickly grew confident, I was able to go at a pace I felt comfortable with and using some of my favorite songs has made it really enjoyable. But most importantly Ross is teaching me to understand the guitar and what it’s capable off so that I can put my knowledge and passion together and let it ring out.

Chris MinisiniGuitar Player

Andrew Lin Testimonial Ross Helmot Guitar Lessons MelbourneRoss has been an exceptional teacher - amiable, patient and very passionate about what he does. Starting out as a beginner, he taught me a solid foundation of technique and basic theory, as well as working through some modern songs that I was keen to learn. He has also been flexible with he lesson times, accomodating for my haphazard work schedule. Also impressive is his knowledge of rock and music history - I've been able to take away an interesting piece of trivia with me each lesson. I would highly recommend him for students of any age or level of expertise.

Andrew LinGuitar Player

Emma Wolfram Testimonial Ross Helmot Guitar Lessons MelbourneI have taken guitar lessons with Ross for over two years now, and have never felt so inspired by anyone before. He has connected with me on both a personal and professional level, which has helped me to open up and believe in myself. I've become more confident with my playing, my writing and my performing. I have Ross to thank for being such an amazing person and believing in me and my music.

Emma WolframGuitar Player

Tommy McEwan Testimonial Ross Helmot Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Ross' system takes the mystery out of theory, and let's melody and harmony be the King. If a Drummer can learn this then ...Damn he's good!

Tommy McEwanGuitar Player, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist (Louis King and the Liars Club)

Chris & Trevor Street Testimonial Ross Helmot Guitar Lessons MelbourneRoss is very enthusiastic and passionate about his music, especially the guitar, and is able to impart his knowledge and expertise to us with ease. His own playing during our lessons is a source of inspiration.

Chris & Trevor StreetGuitar Players

Ben Wolfram Testimonial Ross Helmot Guitar Lessons MelbourneI could always play guitar before starting lessons with Ross, but I also always knew there was more in me, and every lesson I develop new ways to get some of it out of me and onto the guitar. The musical road is never ending, but so long as you've got a teacher as great as Ross helping you drive down it, you won't want it to end!

Ben WolframGuitar Player (My Dynamite)

Alli Harris Testimonial Ross Helmot Guitar Lessons MelbourneWith Ross’ amazing guitar talent, he can teach you everything and anything you want. I never had any music or guitar background and no confidence in playing, but Ross has completely changed me and has made me believe in myself and made me a stronger person. He will never let you give up and he will always encourage you to keep going. Ross is the best teacher for anyone at any stage

Alli HarrisGuitar Player

Don Lucas Testimonial Ross Helmot Guitar Lessons MelbourneI played in bands for many years and then had a break for about 10 years. I started playing guitar again and subsequently got to hear about Ross and his teaching through my association with other musicians.  My guitar playing and musical knowledge have improved exponentially due to Ross’ expert guidance and teaching method. When you hear Ross play so well and discuss music in general, that he has put in many hours of efficient practice which only inspires and motivates me to work harder.

Don LucasGuitar Player

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About Guitar Coaching

If you are an experienced guitar player frustrated with your progress and unsure of what steps you need to take to the next level then coaching could be for you.

From the Coach...

Why do top sporting stars like Tiger Woods and Roger Federer have coaches? These guys are the best of the best, at the top of the heap. I mean who could teach Woods about golf or Federer about tennis? What goes on here?

Did you know that artists such as Prince, Stevie Wonder and Madonna, employ vocal coaches to work with them when they have important recordings and shows coming up? Surely they know how to sing by now. So...what goes on here?

Well...what goes on here is that all the raw talent and best intentions in the world won't guarantee success. The lesson from the people at the top needs to flow down to everyone who wants to get better at their craft from the professional to the weekend warrior... Get help!

All performers whether they be sportspeople, actors, singers, dancers and yes even guitar players  benefit by having someone, a coach working with them. I mean if the big guys are doing this stuff, why should we be left out?

As a guitar player it's critical to understand and develop your own personal playing concept. It comes from your influences, abilities, loves, likes, dreams and goals. It is at the core of your playing and I like to work here first as it really grounds you and helps enormously to give you a strong sense of direction and focus.

With your playing concept as the foundation we can then work on making improvements and adjustments. I will provide you with any technical and/or theoretical information that is needed without overloading you with stuff that has no relevance.

As a coach I will provide you with an objective view of what you need to do to reach your goals and how to constantly evolve as a player. The only rule that matters is "does it sound good".

I love teaching and coaching, it's a part of what I do. I also love to perform, write, record and produce and because of this I only have limited places available. So if you are to join with me it's very important that we establish a good connection and working relationship. Time is too short so it should be a fun and positive experience for us both.

If you are interested in getting some coaching or having a chat about it then give me call on 0418 390 005. It never hurts to ask some questions, you might even want to book a session to see if it works for you.

A little bit more about me…

I started playing in my teens, strumming a few chords with mates at school. Then it was onto the "Garage Bands", fun weekends of playing music. From there it got a bit more serious (but no less fun) working all the major venues around town, playing in bands and backing international artists.

I currently work with "Pat Wilson" and "Whiteman Can't Reggae"   along with doing various other writing, recording and studio projects. Teaching is a passion for me and a very rewarding experience. I love watching my students improve and grow on so many levels.

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