Andrew Lin Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Andrew Lin

Andrew Lin TestimonialRoss has been an exceptional teacher - amiable, patient and very passionate about what he does. Starting out as a beginner, he taught me a solid foundation of technique and basic theory, as well as working through some modern songs that I was keen to learn. He has also been flexible with he lesson times, accomodating for my haphazard work schedule. Also impressive is his knowledge of rock and music history - I've been able to take away an interesting piece of trivia with me each lesson. I would highly recommend him for students of any age or level of expertise.

Andrew Lin - Guitar Player

Damien O'Neill Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Damian O’Neil

Guitar Lessons Melbourne - Damien O'NeilRoss Helmot loves the guitar and he loves teaching the guitar. He impresses me with his knowledge and skill, his measured and individual approach to his students, and his tremendous patience. I am a self taught very average guitarist, but with Ross’ coaching over the last few months I am quietly building technique and expanding my understanding of the instrument.

Damien O’Neil, Guitar Player

Anthony Rushton Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Anthony Rushton

After years of neglect I decided to pick up the guitar again only to find that my technique and music theory were sadly lacking. Ross was recommended to me by a noted Melbourne guitarist so off I went looking for answers, fortunately Ross had all the answers.

His relaxed teaching style and easy to follow method coupled with an extensive musical knowledge made for a very pleasant experience. My playing and understanding of guitar theory has improved dramatically and is continuing to improve. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ross Helmot to players of all levels, whatever style you play.

Anthony Rushton, Guitar Player (Sonic Attack)

John Gibney Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

John Gibney

I first picked-up a guitar over 30 years ago and although I learnt a few chords, I could never get much further than that with my playing, no matter how much I hit the 'teach yourself' -style books. After a few months with Ross, I've learnt to better make my way around the lower part of the fret board and I've recently started playing some great rhythm parts and even some simple solos. He's very patient and is always willing to change his approach to help me find the best way to achieve what I want to do. I'd heartily recommend him as a fine tutor.

John Gibney, veteran amateur musician

Johnny O'Brien Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Johnny O’Brien

I started lessons with Ross as a classic singer/songwriter. I tended to fumble my way through songs without really appreciating dynamics, articulation and style. Ross has a gentle and fantastic method of approach that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Under his direction, I was able to start to find my way around the neck, improve my finger picking and touch up on my chord knowledge.

Ross is proficient in all styles and his ability to patiently explain an exercise is testament to his many years of experience. Heading into the studio and out on the road with my guitar is now a joy thanks to Ross and his gentle words of wisdom. I would highly recommend Ross if you serious about playing and or just after some casual lessons from a great guy and guitar teacher.

Johnny O’Brien, Singer/Songwriter, Guitar Player, Recording Artist