Mike Henwood Testimonial - Guitar Lessons

Mike Henwood

Mike Henwood Testimonial - Guitar LessonsAfter taking early retirement l decided to fulfil a long held ambition to properly learn the guitar. I had very little knowledge or experience, virtually a complete beginner.

Starting so late l knew I couldn't afford to waste precious time with the wrong teacher. So finding the right teacher was essential. I wanted a teacher who had incredible knowledge and experience in all aspects of playing the guitar, right up to the most advanced theory and sophisticated techniques.

I needed a teacher who would give me a solid foundation upon which to build. Someone who was very patient, warm, friendly, who was clear and easy to understand. Above all a teacher who was as committed to my progress as l was. In short l was looking for the best teacher, coach and mentor on the planet.

Ross is all those things and more. My knowledge and playing have improved dramatically in just over a year. I really look forward to my lesson each week and have no hesitation in highly recommending Ross to anyone at any level.

Mike Henwood - Guitar Player

Michelle Smith Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith Testimonial - Guitar LessonsRoss is an amazing teacher, on top of being an excellent guitarist.

I came to him after a long break from guitar playing, having reached a point of stagnation relying on chord books and tabs. To make me an even more challenging student, I was also quite nervous about playing in front of people. Like a consummate professional, Ross gradually introduced ways to build my confidence, train me out of the unhelpful techniques I’d adopted, and expand my abilities. When I look back on the past few years of lessons, I can see how carefully he guided me through to the point where I could learn simply by watching him play.

In a male-dominated area like guitar playing, I have always felt entirely comfortable with Ross. He is unfailingly patient, and always encourages technical precision while keeping things fun and exciting. I’ve already fulfilled most of the aspirations I dared to have for my guitar playing thanks to Ross, including writing a few original guitar parts for songs and learning riffs and techniques from a range of genres.

Michelle Smith - Guitar Player

Joe Turner Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Joe Turner

Joe Turner Testimonial - Guitar LessonsUnder Ross's guidance as my guitar mentor, I've vastly improved all aspects of my playing and musical knowledge. As a student for a number of years we have touched upon many different musical styles, theory that translates into real outcomes on the instrument and a diverse catalogue of songs - all of which is fun, relevant and richly rewarding.

Ross has helped me in deciphering tunes, developing my musical ear and has equipped me with the skills to pick up songs quickly and accurately in my own time. We’ve worked extensively on tasteful improvisation - something guitarists are notorious at overlooking - and he’s there to answer those tricky questions about music that enriches my knowledge.

Having experienced a number of his gigs in person, I can also attest that Ross is an exceptional live performer.

Thanks to Ross's guidance, I have a clear vision of what I must continue to work on to become a better player on the journey to achieving my musical goals.

I would highly recommend Ross to anyone at any stage of this journey seeking to take their guitar playing and understanding of music to the next level.

Joe Turner - Guitar Player

Andrew Lin Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Andrew Lin

Andrew Lin TestimonialRoss has been an exceptional teacher - amiable, patient and very passionate about what he does. Starting out as a beginner, he taught me a solid foundation of technique and basic theory, as well as working through some modern songs that I was keen to learn. He has also been flexible with he lesson times, accomodating for my haphazard work schedule. Also impressive is his knowledge of rock and music history - I've been able to take away an interesting piece of trivia with me each lesson. I would highly recommend him for students of any age or level of expertise.

Andrew Lin - Guitar Player

Damien O'Neill Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Damian O’Neil

Guitar Lessons Melbourne - Damien O'NeilRoss Helmot loves the guitar and he loves teaching the guitar. He impresses me with his knowledge and skill, his measured and individual approach to his students, and his tremendous patience. I am a self taught very average guitarist, but with Ross’ coaching over the last few months I am quietly building technique and expanding my understanding of the instrument.

Damien O’Neil, Guitar Player