Chris & Trevor Street Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Chris and Trevor Street

Ross is very enthusiastic and passionate about his music, especially the guitar, and is able to impart his knowledge and expertise to us with ease. His own playing during our lessons is a source of inspiration.

Chris & Trevor Street, Guitar Players

Tommy McEwan Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Tommy McEwan

Ross’ system takes the mystery out of theory, and let’s melody and harmony be the King. If a Drummer can learn this then …Damn he’s good!

Tommy McEwan, Guitar Player, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist (Louis King and the Liars Club)

Rob Cox Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Rob Cox

I’ve been with Ross for about a year now and I really like him. He is kind, approachable, laid back and easy to talk to. He is good with both acoustic and electric guitars. Whatever genre you wish to play he will adapt to your needs.

Rob Cox, Guitar Player

Peter Dangov Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Peter Dangov

The guitar coaching that I have received, has not only exposed me to new techniques but also gave me an insight into music itself. I found myself wanting to take a step back  and delve into all of this simplified theory that I could actually comprehend. I used to invest my time and money on tab charts and guitar magazines full of the latest techniques that were not getting me anywhere. Ross is an extremely knowledgeable and down to earth guy who takes all of this information and delivers it in a simplistic and workable manner.

Peter Dangov, Guitar Player, Singer.

Luke Culpit Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Luke Culpitt

After playing for a while i found my playing wasn’t moving anywhere and after trying lessons elsewhere to be unhelpful I found Ross’ teaching style to be a great change. With Ross I’m learning what I want to learn, at my own pace and I’m enjoying playing a lot more.

Luke Culpitt, Guitar Player