Leigh Sloggett Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Leigh Sloggett

When Ross takes a solo heads turn and people stop and listen because something special is happening. Among guitar players he is one who stands out as extremely gifted. But he hasn’t simply relied on natural talent. For over 30 years he has intelligently built a deep knowledge of the instrument both musically and theoretically. I would highly recommend Ross to anyone wanting to develop their playing.

Leigh Sloggett, Guitar Player, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist 

Jay Moray Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Jaye Morey

I hadn't picked up a guitar for years and had never had any lessons, so my playing was a bit of a mess. Ross has been great in correcting some of my very poor techniques, taking me back to basics and teaching me how to learn and improve.  He's kept me motivated as we've always played the type and style of music that I want to be able to play. His own great playing has been inspirational and because of his huge musical repertoire he has introduced me to many players I hadn't heard before and now listen to constantly.

Jaye Morey, Guitar Player

Emma Wolfram Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Emma Wolfram

Emma Wolfram Testimonial - Guitar Lessons MelbourneI have taken guitar lessons with Ross for over two years now, and have never felt so inspired by anyone before. He has connected with me on both a personal and professional level, which has helped me to open up and believe in myself. I've become more confident with my playing, my writing and my performing. I have Ross to thank for being such an amazing person and believing in me and my music.

Emma Wolfram, Guitar Player

Don Lucas Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Don Lucas

I played in bands for many years and then had a break for about 10 years. I started playing guitar again and subsequently got to hear about Ross and his teaching through my association with other musicians.  My guitar playing and musical knowledge have improved exponentially due to Ross’ expert guidance and teaching method. When you hear Ross play so well and discuss music in general, that he has put in many hours of efficient practice which only inspires and motivates me to work harder.

Don Lucas, Guitar Player

Bill Briggs Testimonial - Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Bill Briggs

I’ve been having lessons with Ross for about a year, and have no hesitation in recommending Ross to any guitarist. Although I regard myself as a “hacker” I’ve improved tremendously. After poor experiences with four other teachers, I’ve found Ross to be skilled, supportive and patient, and have certainly found the right teacher for me.

Bill Briggs, Guitar Player