Guitar Lessons…

My approach to teaching guitar is built on understanding your goals, your learning style, your previous playing experience (if you have any) and the music you are interested in. The guitar lessons are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Acoustic and Electric Guitar

All Modern (and not so modern) Styles

Catering for the Beginner to Advancing Player

Private One on One-Guitar Lessons

If you are a beginner you have so many options available today but in the end you can’t beat private one on one face-to-face guitar lessons with a dedicated professional teacher. As a teacher I will give you direction to keep you on track to meet your needs whilst building a solid technique and applied knowledge of how music works that is adaptable across all styles

If you are an experienced player then it is your personal playing concept that is the foundation of your style; it allows you to take on new ideas in a logical manner and to grow as a musician. As a coach I help you develop this core concept (experiment, listen, learn, and create) and guide you through the maze that is otherwise known as information overload.

My own musical journey began as a self-taught guitar player from the bedroom to garage bands and at the local church hall… a bit of a false start really.

Somewhere along the track I realised that my self-taught style needed a bit of polish, I wanted to make a career out of music so I thought I better get an education. I sought out the best teachers I could find, legendary Melbourne teacher/musician Bruce Clarke, gifted classical guitarist Nick Chalkiadakis, inspiring educator Ron Leigh, the great guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel and set out on what was to become my continuing journey through life as a Guitar Player.

Still working as an active live performer, writer, session player and teacher I find it all so rewarding; there is something really special about working with and helping people experience the creative process and watching them grow on so many levels.

Give me a call or email me if you would like to join me for guitar lessons or if you have any questions.

Cheers, Ross