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Warning – Take Care of Your Hands

Our hands are important in every day life but they are even more important to us as guitar players. As a teacher I get asked questions all the time like “are my fingers too fat/big?”, “are my hands too small?”, “should I do stretching exercises?”, “should I warm up before playing?”… Let me address the […]

An Open Mind…

It’s seems in this day and age people are so polarised in their views. Be it sport, politics, religion, music, you’re either on their team or not. It’s always been the case I guess but it appears to be more prevalent now. Maybe the rise of social media magnifies it more. I had a couple […]

Continuous Growth as a Guitar Player

I have many people come to me for lessons with the goal of improving their guitar playing. They already play at some level and would like to get better. It’s a noble thought, great idea, a good thing to do but not always so easy. The problem is that it means change and that can […]

Kim Butler

Before meeting Ross I had been attempting to teach myself guitar for around 15 years and had learnt a few songs with two bands, had rudimentary knowledge of basic scales and chords but not a lot of it made sense. As a result I was not improving my physical skill or understanding theory all that well. At […]

A Cautionary Tale

I recently watched a video documentary about the band ‘Badfinger'(see link at bottom of page), one of the more tragic stories in rock’n’roll’s chequered history. ‘Badfinger’ were the first band signed to Apple Records, the ‘Beatles’ own label and looked set for a long and successful career, but it wasn’t to be. A mix of appalling […]