Old Friends…get well John

I heard recently that an old mate, Johnny Longmore is not doing too well health wise. I first remember meeting John at the local cricket club down at Surrey Park, from memory he started out as a spin bowler who made a great career change to become a tare away quick. Using his natural height he […]


2012 is well and truly here and if it’s anything like last year it will rocket through. Sometimes it feels like you are treading water, getting nowhere fast, more of the same. Everything is moving at a million miles around you and you are struggling to keep up. Take time out, not to much, work out […]

Ever wonder why there is always something new to learn…

Legendary guitar player George Van Eps, in his book “Harmonic Mechanisms for Guitar – Volume One” after going through the calculations of all the possible moves on the guitar stated the following . Spending one second on each one of the possible combinations 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 52 weeks a […]

Bored with TV?

If you are looking for some quality TV drama along with great music then check out Treme . Based in New Orleans after Katrina the show features the city’s great music, tradition and food as a backdrop for it’s superb story lines. I just love this show, thanks to Rod Laws who promises he told me about this a […]

Have a happy and safe holiday period…

Hey there guys take care, have a great Christmas and I look forward to catching up with you all in the New Year…a happy, healthy and prosperous one at that. Check out this link to Joseph Spence for a very unique take on a Christmas standard. Spence was a big influence on Ry Cooder, if you […]

New Book

My new book, “How Music Works – 5 Things Every Guitar Player Must Know” is now available at the store , check it out.

5 Things Every Guitar Player Must Know!

Too many guitar players put their heads in the sand…But you know what? there are things you must know, things that help put the music you are playing in context, help you see the underlying patterns.Some of these things get bogged down in the title of “Music Theory”, the words that send shivers down the […]

A Lesson from Junior Wells…Tommy Emmanuel, Stevie Wonder and Ray

My old band mate Warren Hall was telling me a story before he passed away about his experience of playing with blues harmonica legend Junior Wells. The first thing Wells said to him was “How do you tap your foot”?  Wells believed that by tapping his foot from toe to heel gave him a better […]

Basic Chords & Scales

  Check out the new chord & scale pages on the site. These are set up under the resources tag and can be used with a lot of the work we are currently doing at the studio. There will be more to come in future months with a bit more descriptive text along with shapes […]

Remembering Wazza

Wazza’s old band “Off the Cuff” in conjunction with the “Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society” will be presenting the “Warren Hall Memorial Show” on Sunday September 18 at the Royal Standard Hotel, 333 William Street, West Melbourne from 5pm. The band is Mal Beveridge (Bass), Andy Free (Vocal & Sax), Bernie Sommerville (Drums) and myself (Guitar). Gary […]

…so what is space rock?

…and do you really need to know. Well if you a looking for a retro experience then here is your big chance to see and hear something a bit different. With  performance artist Tjoni breathing fire and a full on psychedelic light show, Sonic Attack bring you their take on the British prog rock band “Hawkwind”along with the […]

New Website

Well, I finally have the new website up and running. Thanks to Dave Anderson from Florence Road for his work above and beyond in the design and development of the site, Cathy Middelton for her patience and professionalism in taking the photos and for all who were kind enough to provide me with testimonials. This is just the shell for […]

From the Coach

This is a very appropriate story for all of us when learning new skills and or ideas. I often find guitar players who have been playing for a while come to me full of there own ideas and it is very difficult to get them to open to new ways of doing things. They know […]

What’s Going On!

The Greencards are a US based country/bluegrass band and they have recorded a couple of Johnny O’Briens songs for their release, “The Brick Album”. The album has recently been reviewed in Time magazine and one of Johnny’s songs, “Naked on the River” was the most downloaded track to date. Check out Johnny as he starts performing around town before […]