Old Friends…get well John

I heard recently that an old mate, Johnny Longmore is not doing too well health wise.

I first remember meeting John at the local cricket club down at Surrey Park, from memory he started out as a spin bowler who made a great career change to become a tare away quick. Using his natural height he was a real handful in those days on the old mats, one of the most feared bowlers in the comp. His fielding could be a bit erratic though particularly on our home track, you see it was right next to the Box Hill pool and down at fine leg John’s focus was sometimes distracted by more interesting sights heading to the pool.

We spent many a good time at the old Matthew Flinders checking out some of the great Aussie bands as they were kicking off their careers doing the pub rock scene and went to some legendary parties.

As often happens life moves on and you loose contact with people. We made contact again last year through Facebook (you can run but you can’t hide) and I know John reads this newsletter. Although we haven’t seen each other in a long time the good memories are still there even if they are a bit clouded from the odd drink or two.

So mate take care of yourself, get well and we will catch up for a drink at a gig when you are back on your feet.

Guitar Coaching…be your best.

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So…what about me?

Starting off as a self-taught guitar player hacking away on a few Beatles songs with my mates; Saving up to buy my first electric guitar, borrowing a huge 20 watt amplifier with a torn speaker (what a sound, distortion plus). The first band, playing the same song for hours and hours, we simply didn’t know another one; hey we thought it was pretty cool. Read more