Guitar Coaching…be your best.

My “Contemporary Guitar Coaching” process guides you through the steps required to develop a solid technique adaptable across all styles and an applied knowledge of how music works. You are encouraged to become your own teacher, to experiment, listen, learn, and create whilst at the same time building your personal playing concept.

Your personal playing concept is the foundation of your style; it allows you to take on new ideas in a logical manner and to grow as a musician. As a coach I help you develop this core concept and guide you through the maze that is otherwise known as information overload. How often do you wonder, “where do I start”. A good coach will help you answer that question and set you on the right path.

I currently coach people from all over the greater Melbourne region from my private studio in Box Hill (Melbourne, Eastern Suburbs). Professional musicians, semi pros, and enthusiastic amateurs alike all get great benefits from “Contemporary Guitar Coaching”

Call me on 0418 390 005 or email me if you want to set up a session or if you have any questions.