Proven Guitar Lessons

Well designed guitar lessons…

The following run down gives you information on some of the available subjects.

There are non negotiable aspects that need to be covered, particularly at the beginner stage but in the end you chose your direction and I provide the expertise to help get you there.

Basics: for the beginner. A well designed program of guitar lessons that work to develop good playing habits from the start.

Fingerpicking: from the blues of the Delta to the Ragtime pickers. The sounds of Chet, Tommy and beyond.

Improvisation: build a strong foundation based on lessons from the masters. Across all styles including Jazz, Rock, Blues and Country.

Theory: get an understanding of how music works applied directly to the guitar. This is stuff that every guitar player needs to know.

Chord Craft: forget about chord dictionaries. Learn how to build any chord you need. Have your own chord dictionary at your fingertips.

Technique: improve your playing and protect your hands. Avoid the damage that can be done using poor technique and see immediate improvements.

Ear Training: learn how to play what you hear. Work out songs and be able to hear what others are playing around you.

Sight Reading: it’s not for everyone. For those who need it for ongoing studies or for work then learn from a proven method.

Further information on the guitar lessons…

For more information click on the link below…If you have booked guitar lessons with me, please download, print off, sign and return the form at your first guitar lesson.

Link to Lesson Info, Policy Proceedure

A bit about me…

My musical journey began as a self-taught guitar player. From the bedroom to garage bands and playing at the local church hall…

Somewhere along the way I realised that my self-taught style needed a bit of polish. If I wanted to make a career out of music I needed to get an education.

My first lessons were in music theory with “John Rees”, a trained classical musician, John worked on the side as a bass player with a little known band (well at the time they were)“Men at Work”.

Then I realised that I needed some guitar lessons.

I sought out the best teachers I could find; legendary Melbourne teacher/musician “Bruce Clarke”, gifted classical guitarist “Nick Chalkiadakis”, inspiring educator “Ron Leigh” and great guitar virtuoso “Tommy Emmanuel”.

They helped me on what was to become my continuing journey through life as a Guitar Player.

Currently working live with “Pat Wilson” , “Whiteman Can’t Reggae” and on various other projects I still find teaching a rewarding experience; there is something special about working with and watching my students grow on so many levels.


M: 0418 390 005
A: 34 Hamel St, Box Hill South VIC 3128

“In a male-dominated area like guitar playing, I have always felt entirely comfortable with Ross. He is unfailingly patient, and always encourages technical precision while keeping things fun and exciting.”

Michelle Smith – Guitar Player

“I highly recommend Ross as a highly skilled guitar teacher with an ability to tailor lessons to suit the student’s skill level and leave them with a feeling of achievement.”

Kim Butler – Guitar Player