Joe Turner

Under Ross’s guidance as my guitar mentor, I’ve vastly improved all aspects of my playing and musical knowledge. As a student for a number of years we have touched upon many different musical styles, theory that translates into real outcomes on the instrument and a diverse catalogue of songs – all of which is fun, relevant and richly rewarding.

Ross has helped me in deciphering tunes, developing my musical ear and has equipped me with the skills to pick up songs quickly and accurately in my own time. We’ve worked extensively on tasteful improvisation – something guitarists are notorious at overlooking – and he’s there to answer those tricky questions about music that enriches my knowledge.

Having experienced a number of his gigs in person, I can also attest that Ross is an exceptional live performer.

Thanks to Ross’s guidance, I have a clear vision of what I must continue to work on to become a better player on the journey to achieving my musical goals.

I would highly recommend Ross to anyone at any stage of this journey seeking to take their guitar playing and understanding of music to the next level.

Joe Turner – Guitar Player