Kim Butler

Before meeting Ross I had been attempting to teach myself guitar for around 15 years and had learnt a few songs with two bands, had rudimentary knowledge of basic scales and chords but not a lot of it made sense.

As a result I was not improving my physical skill or understanding theory all that well.

At my first lesson with Ross he instantly pushed for improvement in an easy style that I could understand and each lesson thereafter introduced new concepts and challenges.

Ross’s teaching, playing and real examples are second to none and he encouraged me to learn by memory without too much writing. I couldn’t wait to get home from each lesson and revise what I had just learned.

I highly recommend Ross as a highly skilled guitar teacher with an ability to tailor lessons to suit the student’s skill level and leave them with a feeling of achievement.

Ross’s many years of professional experience in a number of genres (even Reggae) shone through and completely altered the way I approach and think about playing the guitar’ here to add your own text

Kim Butler – Guitar Player