Michelle Smith

Ross is an amazing teacher, on top of being an excellent guitarist.

I came to him after a long break from guitar playing, having reached a point of stagnation relying on chord books and tabs. To make me an even more challenging student, I was also quite nervous about playing in front of people. Like a consummate professional, Ross gradually introduced ways to build my confidence, train me out of the unhelpful techniques I’d adopted, and expand my abilities. When I look back on the past few years of lessons, I can see how carefully he guided me through to the point where I could learn simply by watching him play.

In a male-dominated area like guitar playing, I have always felt entirely comfortable with Ross. He is unfailingly patient, and always encourages technical precision while keeping things fun and exciting. I’ve already fulfilled most of the aspirations I dared to have for my guitar playing thanks to Ross, including writing a few original guitar parts for songs and learning riffs and techniques from a range of genres.

Michelle Smith – Guitar Player