So…what about me?

Starting off as a self-taught guitar player hacking away on a few Beatles songs with my mates; Saving up to buy my first electric guitar, borrowing a huge 20 watt amplifier with a torn speaker (what a sound, distortion plus). The first band, playing the same song for hours and hours, we simply didn’t know another one; hey we thought it was pretty cool.

Garage bands, Sunday afternoon rehearsal in the bungalow. Going to see live shows, Town Hall dances, the Melbourne Pub Rock scene, Festivals, Internationals. These were all exciting experiences for me growing up, they still evoke great memories as I sit here writing.

Little did I know that one day I would share the stage with many of the heroes I had admired, play the venues I used to haunt and work major local and international shows with and for artists from all parts of the world. So…how did this happen?

You see, somewhere along the track I realised that my self-taught style needed a bit of polish, I heard things going on in the music I was now listening to that I couldn’t comprehend. If I was going to make a go of this music biz I thought I better get an education, learn how to read, understand the theory, and bring my playing technique up to scratch. I sought out the best teachers, legendary Melbourne teacher/musician Bruce Clarke, gifted classical guitarist Nick Chalkiadakis, inspiring educator Ron Leigh, the great guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel and set out on what was to become my continuing journey through life as a Guitar Player.

Of recent times I have dedicated myself to teaching guitar, a rewarding experience to say the least. Working with people of all levels of musical ability and experience, understanding what makes them tick, helping them get the most from their musical journey, be it as a professional musician, a semi pro or just for their own enjoyment, there is something really special about helping people experience the creative process and watching them grow on so many levels.

Still working as an active performer and occasional session player I have also taken the time to write a book on the basic understanding of music, “5 Things Every Guitar Player Needs to Know”,  follow up are in the works on training your ear along with a different take on the way chords are learned and applied.